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My book entitled, Garden of Eden Found, is divided into three almost equal parts. Part I of the book is exactly what the title says it is. It reveals and explains the exact geographical location of the ancient site of the Garden of Eden. This is an absolutely new and, as yet, an undiscovered site. People suppose that we must wait upon a prophet of God to reveal its location. But this book explains that God, through the prophet Moses, revealed everything he could to explain the location of the Garden of Eden in the second chapter of the Book of Genesis. Only the names of the lands and rivers have changed.

The original thing in this work, however, is that the ancient site of the Garden of Eden was located upon the North American continent. Note that according to Genesis 1:10 that each land was called earth. Thus, it could have been on any continent of the earth. There has never been one fact or evidence to show that the Garden of Eden was located in the Middle East anyway. This idea has only been a supposition of the so-called learned and those who wrote all the textbooks, and most of whom do not believe in God or the Bible to begin with. The author has simply put the Genesis account together with the latter-day revelations concerning Adam-ondi-Ahman being in the heartland of America.

Part II of this same book, entitled Days and Nights of Creation, reveals the ultimate meaning of the six days, and the six nights, of creation in the first chapter of Genesis. No person has ever discovered, nor understood, their ultimate meaning before this work. The author submits that this concept is the greatest concept that can be conceived by the mind of man concerning ultimate reality. This concept ties together the law of eternal progression, to the number and order of the universes of the cosmos, and with the days and nights of creation as being one and as the same thing. This is because these three concepts are an attempt to understand the same ultimate reality. The first one is philosophical, the second is a scientific statement, and the third is a religious revelation.

At present the meaning of the words universe and cosmos are used interchangeably. Most people, including all the scientists, the philosophers, and theologians, consider that the universe is the cosmos, and that the cosmos is the universe. However, this is actually not a correct concept, for the cosmos is the sum total of the series of the twelve universes of the cosmos. This part of the book attempts to explain, in a plain and simple way, that this is the ultimate meaning of the six days and nights of creation in Genesis.

Part III of this book explains the historic meaning of the Symbolism of the Book of Revelation. The new thing to understand is that they represent only natural things and the historic events of the past two-thousand years of Christian history. These are the three general principles which we must accept in order to understand all the symbolism of the Book of Revelation. The first thing to understand is that prophecy in the Book of Revelation covers the two-thousand years of western world history. The second thing to understand is that the prophecy is only about Christianity. And the third thing to understand is that the symbolism represents only natural things and events in the history of Christendom. They do not represent unknowable things, for the world is full of them, and we see them and hear them everyday. They began to be fulfilled from the very day they were given, for it says; Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book, for the time is at hand. (Revelation 22:10). That was written about two-thousand years ago, and began to be fulfilled from that time.

My second book which is entitled, Jesus in Time, explains the exact calendar dates that Jesus from Nazareth lived in the flesh, and performed his ministry among the Jews for the redemption of all mankind. These true dates of Jesus life and ministry are based upon the Mosaic calendar from the Old Testament, the time prophecies in the Book of Daniel, and the exact dates of the latter-day Restoration in modern times.

This book reveals the true calendar dates of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ on our present-day Gregorian calendar. It reveals the dates of his conception, birth, circumcision, presentation, baptism, transfiguration, last supper, and gethsemane, crucifixion, entombment, resurrection, and ascension into heaven. These dates are based upon the Mosaic calendar and are correlated to our present-day Gregorian calendar.

The book is composed of four parts, each which are necessary, and that complement each other. Part I deciphers the Mosaic calendar of the Old Testament. Part II reveals the hidden meaning of the time prophecies of the Book of Daniel. Part III presents the exact dates of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ in the flesh. Part IV verifies these dates and bears witness to the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ in the latter-days.

So this book, Jesus in Time, is subtitled, Calendar Dates of the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ. This is the central theme of the book, but it is only one of many subjects which is new knowledge for these latter-days. People should understand that the Mosaic calendar of the Old Testament, that was used by Israel in ancient times, has never been deciphered since the time it was lost from the world. Part I deciphers the Mosaic calendar, even the calendar God revealed to Moses, and correlates it, date by date, to our present Gregorian calendar. An important point to understand is that Jesus Christ fulfilled those dates of the Law of Moses during the events of his earthly life and ministry. Part I also gives a study in the historic derivation of our Gregorian calendar, and the correction of the dates and weekdays back to the first century Anno Domini.

Part II is titled, Numeric Time Prophecies of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom in the Book of Daniel. It gives the explanation of the weeks and days, as well as the one phrase in the Book of Daniel. These numbers reveal the years of the ministry of Jesus Christ in the flesh, and of the restoration of his church and kingdom in the latter-days. At the end of Part III the calendar for the next millennium is revealed.

Part IV is titled, Signs and Dates of the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ in the Latter-days. The latter-day restoration, which is the dispensation of the fullness of times, even the last dispensation of the gospel before the Lord comes, is what the world of Christendom has missed. This part explains the signs given in the sun, and moon, and stars as was prophesied by the Lord. It describes what actually happened and the dates of these latter-day events. These events occurred during what Jesus had called this generation in Matthew chapter 24. The clarified and expanded version of Matthew chapter 24 is also included near the end of the book. The correlated date tables are given at the end of each part of the book, and the Mosaic Gregorian Calendar Correlation is found at the end of the book. There are over two-hundred calendar dates given in the Old Testament, which can now be known on our present-day Gregorian calendar.

My third book is entitled, An Abridgment of the Record of Lehi. Part I of this book gives an abridgment of the record of the prophet Lehi, which was the first book engraved upon the gold plates of the Book of Mormon. The original Book of Lehi, translated by Joseph Smith in 1828, was stolen and became lost from the Book of Mormon. Since that time they have simply been referred to as the lost 116 manuscript pages.

This abridgment of the record of the prophet Lehi answers a few questions about the original Book of Mormon. For instance, it explains the connection with Egypt, revealing that Lehi was a Jew, or rather an Israelite, from the land of Egypt. It reveals that Labans plates of brass were actually Lehis plates of brass, which were made by his people in the land of Egypt. As well, it reveals that the land of their inheritance was simply their house and farm, which was near Hebron in the land of Judea.

Since this is from the personal account of the record of the prophet Lehi, he describes the nature and function of the Liahona, the making and composition of the metal plates, and their building the ship of Nephi at Bountiful. Lehi further explains something about the characters of their language which were inscribed on the metal plates. The characters had been developed by his forefathers, who were Israelites living in the land of Egypt, and they were unique to them and cannot be proved to the world.

Part II of my third book, entitled, Geography of the Book of Mormon, describes a simple and realistic model for the unknown geography in the Book of Mormon. After all these years since the 1830s, the actual geographic setting for the events revealed in the Book of Mormon has not been known. If the account revealed in the book is true, then there would be a real geography where they occurred. The author believes he has found a simple and realistic answer to this question of Book of Mormon geography. The author has a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, which was revealed unto him personally by the Holy Ghost; whereby, he testifies that these things are true.

Part III is yet to be added to this book, which will be entitled, Identity of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. This is, as well, an undiscovered subject, and the author has put the final pieces of the puzzle together. The answer is an integral part of the other subjects revealed in the books by this author, so please check back later.