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About Me, The Author

William C Chappell, the author of these three books, is originally from Tyner, which is located in Jackson County, Kentucky. He was raised in a Christian family on a farm among the rolling hills of Appalachia. He attended Tyner High School, from which he graduated in 1963; and is also a 1967 graduate of Berea College, Berea, Kentucky; after which he served four years in the United States Air Force. He has been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 1974. He retired from a career with the Kentucky state government, Department of Environmental Protection in the Division of Air Quality, in the year 2000. William was born on the date of October 25 in the year 1944.

The author has been blessed with inspiration, whereby he has come to the knowledge of the truths revealed within these three books. He does not claim any special intelligence or righteousness. He does claim that these things have become known to him by inspiration of the Spirit of Truth, and by the spiritual gift of the Word of Knowledge.

The authors purpose with his first book, entitled Garden of Eden Found, is to reveal the exact location of the ancient site of the Garden of Eden; the meaning of the six days and nights of creation; and the interpretation of the symbolism which is used in the Book of Revelation. These three subjects are the three parts of this book.

The authors purpose with his second book, entitled Jesus in Time, was to decipher the Mosaic calendar of the Old Testament; reveal the time prophecies of the Book of Daniel; to document the true dates of the life and the ministry of Jesus Christ; and to bear new witness to the latter-day restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ, which is the latter-day dispensation of the gospel, and the dispensation of the fullness of times.

The purpose of the author with his third book, entitled An Abridgment of the Record of Lehi, is to restore some of the lost record of the prophet Lehi; and to also reveal some of the lost geography from the Book of Mormon. The author realizes that this subject will be very controversial, and especially since the first part of the book claims to be scripture which was stolen and became lost form the manuscript of the Book of Mormon.

Please let me add this as my personal testimony. I was raised in a Christian family of good and loving parents, and I became a born again Christian at the age of thirteen. But then I lost my faith in high school and college. I got my faith back in God and Christ in a few years, but I did not know what church was true. After years of searching, and praying, and of attending different churches, I got my answer from God on the first day of getting home from military service. As soon as my eyes first beheld the Book of Mormon, which my sister had left on the lamp table, the Holy Ghost descended upon me and revealed to me that it was true, and that it bore witness to the true work of God. He told me that this was the answer to my prayers, was to fulfill my hopes and dreams, and to give me my purpose in life.

The Holy Ghost told me that I would receive more truth hereafter as I abided in the work to which it bears witness. I sincerely believe that what I have written in my three books, which are on this website, is from the inspiration of the Holy Ghost; even as he promised me when he descended upon me on the date of July 22, 1972, and gave me a testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was a most precious experience, which sealed my faith in the truth.